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Steps to Enrollment

Enrollment period/special enrollment clarification

  1. Eligibility and Enrollment
    We help you determine your eligibility and will assist you through the enrollment process for the Health Insurance Marketplace, or make referrals to Medicaid, Medicare & Free Health Clinics.
  2. No Wrong Door Policy
    No matter what the need is, we use our community resources to refer our consumers to the right door. Free Health Clinics, Medication Assistance, Safe Housing, etc.
  3. Post Enrollment & Appeals
    Do you need help even after being enrolled? Need to file and appeal? We have you covered. Make an appointment with one of our Certified Application Counselors for free.

Special Enrollment Periods

Special enrollments periods are time-sensitive, usually within 60 days of the qualifying life event.

Enrollment for health care coverage happens in the late fall, but you might be eligible for a special enrollment period under certain circumstances, for example:

Loss of employer-sponsored coverage and/or Cobra

  • Denial or loss of full Medicaid or CHIP
  • Permanent move
  • Gaining legal residency status
  • Member of a federally recognized indian tribe
  • Leaving incarceration
  • Victim of domestic violence or spousal abandonment
  • Loss of Pregnancy Medicaid
  • Change in household size due to:
  • Marriage, divorce, and/or death of a spouse
  • Having a baby or adopting a child
  • A dependent aging off parents plan
  • Change in household income 

Special notice about CHIP, etc.

Applying for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) can be done any time of the year at your local Departments of Social Services Office.  Medicaid and NC Health Choice accept applications year round. Apply at your local Department of Health and Human Services (DSS) or www.epass.nc.gov